Upper eyelid surgery

The eyes play a major role in our first impression. As we age, the skin of the upper eyelids becomes more saggy and drooping. This is a natural process that everyone will experience at some point in their lives. Drooping eyelids can give a tired and aged look. In extreme cases, they can even cause vision impairment as well. Through an upper eyelid surgery, the excess skin is removed to restore the eyes to their open and fresh appearance.

Three types of tissues are involved in an upper eyelid correction: the skin, muscle tissue and fatty tissue of the eyelids. Some cases involve only excess skin and no involvement of muscle or fat tissue. Other cases involve excess skin and sagging eyelid muscle. In these cases, the excess skin is removed and the sagging muscle is lifted back to its natural position.

Lastly, one can also have excess skin, with involvement of both muscle and fat tissue of the eyelids. In this case, the natural fatty tissue around the eyes has sagged and accumulated in the sagging skin. This often contributes to an additional drooping effect. In these cases, the excess skin is removed along with the fatty tissue and the eyelid muscle is also lifted to its natural position.

During a no-obligation consultation with our surgeon Dr. Vinay Balesar, we will determine your indication for an upper eyelid correction.

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We understand that cosmetic surgery can be an exciting process for you. Therefore, our team of specialists will guide you extensively through each step of the process. First, a comprehensive no-obligation consultation with surgeon Dr. Balesar will take place. If a decision is made for surgery, it will be scheduled for you at a convenient time.

You will then receive detailed information on proper preparation. One day before the procedure, our team will contact you by phone to go over all the steps again, and to answer any additional questions you may have. After the procedure, you will again receive detailed information about proper aftercare. A week after the procedure, a check-up with your attending surgeon will take place.  

Eyelid surgery at JECT Clinics

Wondering how an upper eyelid surgery can improve your appearance? Feel free to stop by for a no-obligation consultation.

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