Chin fillers

Does a retracted chin or lack of facial definition bother you? Chin fillers can create the ideal V-shape in the face.

The shape of the chin is an important contributor in facial contour. With age, the shape of the chin may begin to change. Some people themselves are not completely satisfied with the shape of their chin. Chin fillerscan improve both the contour and definition of the chin without the need for surgery.

Why chin fillers?

  • Accentuating V-shape in face

  • Giving projection to chin from side profiel

  • Optically slimmer appearance of a double chin


Prior to treatment, the skin of the chin is numbed with anesthetic cream. Once the skin is numb, the doctor will disinfect the skin. Through multiple injections with a thin needle, the filler will be applied to the chin in small amounts. The process of injecting often takes no more than five minutes. Pictures are always taken for your medical records. After this, the treatment is finished and you can enjoy the result!

Wondering if chin fillers are for you?

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