Liquid facelift

Do you feel like you look older and more tired than you feel? And would you like to see the youthful version of your face again, but are you not looking into any surgery? Then the liquid facelift is a perfect treatment for you.

As we age, various changes occur in the face. The first signs are often wrinkles and fine lines. Then volume displacement may take place, with volume moving downwards from the cheeks towards the bottom of the face. This often makes the nasolabial fold more pronounced and creates a deeper tear trough. Sagging of the skin around the jawline and chin happen as a result, contributing to an aged appearance.

With a liquid facelift using hyaluronic acid fillers, these signs of aging can be restored. Volume restoration will take place in the necessary areas. In particular, the cheekbones have an importang supporting role in the face. In addition, volume restoration in other areas, such as, the jawline, nose-lip fold or marionette lines can be applied.

During a free consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors, a personalized treatment plan for a liquid facelift will be made. The amount of hyaluronic acid filler and treatment areas vary from person to person. On average, the fillers remain effective for one to two years and are then gradually dissolved by the body. After that, the treatment can be repeated again.

liquid facelift

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