Lip Hydration

Do you suffer from dry lips? Do you notice that your lips get more and more lines and wrinkles, but don't like the idea of lip fillers? Then the Lip Hydration is a perfect treatment for you!

With the aging process, hydration in the lips also decreases. This is because the amount of natural hyaluronic acid slowly decreases. The result is thinner lips with increasing lines and wrinkles. As a result, the lips lack their youthful and hydrated appearance. This can be perceived as annoying for many women. However, not every woman needs more lip volume, such as with lip fillers is achieved.

The Lip Hydration treatment is the perfect treatment for women who want to give their lips a boost of hydration, without making the lips bigger. This treatment is suitable for women who want to maintain as natural a look as possible. This treatment uses small injections to restore the amount of natural hyaluronic acid in the lips. The result is soft, smooth and moisturized lips while maintaining their own volume!

Why Lip Hydration

  • Soft, even and moisturized lips

  • Retroughion of lines and wrinkles in the lips

  • No increase in lip volume

How does a Lip Hydration treatment work?

First, you discuss your wishes and needs with the attending physician. Then the anesthetic cream is applied to the lips. When the anesthetic cream is fully effective, the doctor will disinfect the lips. After that, the treatment will be performed. Through small injections, the hyaluronic acid liquid will be injected into the lips. This process often takes no more than five minutes. After that, the treatment is finished and the doctor will massage the lips. Pictures are always taken for your medical records. After this, the treatment is finished and you can enjoy the results!

What do the lips look like after treatment?

Because multiple injections are placed, the lips may be swollen for 2 to 3 days. The swelling subsides naturally and is often no longer visible after 2 to 3 days. The hydration and retroughion of wrinkles is an effect that is immediately visible!

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