Vampire facial (PRP)

What is Vampire Facial (PRP)?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Vampire Facial is a treatment using the skin's own plasma cells and is therefore 100% body-own. The plasma cells contain a high concentration of important growth factors that help repair skin damage and stimulate the protroughion of collagen and elastin. Injecting the plasma cells into the skin results in improved skin texture.

A PRP treatment improves the skin by reducing:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles and coarse skin texture
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Pigment impurities
  • Enlarged pores
  • Superficial scars

How does the treatment work?

During treatment, plasma cells are collected from the blood. A tube of blood is taken for this purpose through a thin butterfly needle. This is a short-term process from which you often feel little to nothing. An anesthetic cream is applied to the face. Then the tube of blood goes into a centrifuge, allowing the plasma cells to be separated from the red blood cells. After this, the plasma cells can be aspirated into a small syringe and injected into the skin through a fine needle. After this, microneedling of the skin takes place with a Dermapen. This ensures that the plasma cells are fully activated for maximum results.

What areas is PRP treatment suitable for?

A PRP is suitable for the entire face. At JECT Clinics, we offer two types: full face or under the eyes only. A full face treatment treats the entire face including the area around the mouth, forehead, cheeks and under the eyes.

What does a PRP treatment do specifically for under the eyes?

The area under the eyes is complex where there are often many complaints. These can include:

  • Depth under the eyes
  • Dark discoloration
  • Sagging skin with many fine lines/wrinkles
  • Fluid collection under the eyes 

Depth under the eyes can be filled with a tear trough filler in some cases. However, for all other problems, a filler is not the appropriate solution. With an under-eye PRP treatment, you firm the skin, resulting in a retroughion of fine lines and dark discoloration. This creates a fresher, rejuvenated and less tired look to the eyes.

When will I see results from the treatment?

The results of a treatment become visible over the course of four weeks after the first treatment. For maximum results, three sessions are recommended with 4-6 weeks in between. After that, an annual maintenance session is advised.

Why PRP treatment?

  • An all-natural treatment
  • No fillers, muscle relaxants or surgery required
  • Smoother and firmer skin
  •  Refreshment around the eyes and retroughion of lines around the mouth


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