Facial Balancing

Are you looking for improved facial balance through subtle cosmetic treatments? Then a Facial Balancing treatment is perfect for you. This personalized and customized treatment takes a close look at your specific facial features. Through subtle procedures, the perfect proportion and balance in your face is brought into place.

Each face has its unique characteristics. This is precisely where the beauty lies in each as an individual. However, some facial features can make certain proportions not quite right. Think for example of a backward chin and narrow lips, or asymmetry in volume of the cheeks. Through Facial Balancing the proportions and symmetry in the face are analyzed. Based on your wishes and needs, a treatment plan can then be drawn up. The goal of Facial Balancing is not to completely change the face, but to determine the strong and weaker facial features, in order to restore proportions and symmetry through subtle refinements.

A Facial Balancing plan can consist of a filler treatment, botox treatment or a combination of both. For example, a set-back chin and narrow lips can be beautifully treated with a combination of chin and lip filler. Because more focus is thus placed on the lower half of the face, the overall balance of the face improves.

Why Facial Balancing?

  • Improved proportions and symmetry in the face

  • A personalized treatment plan

  • Subtle refinements

How does a Facial Balancing treatment work?

First, you discuss your wishes and needs together with the attending physician. Then the facial proportions are systematically analyzed together. Based on this, a personal treatment plan is drawn up together with your attending physician. Photos are always taken for your medical file. After this your Facial Balancing treatment can take place and you can enjoy the result!

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