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Would you like to have lip fillers? With hyaluronic acid fillers, you can naturally add volume and shape to your lips.

With lip filler treatment, volume is created and definition is given to the lips. Thus, the lips can be made fuller in a natural way. Beautiful and full lips give the face a sensual and youthful look. Not everyone has naturally voluminous lips. Also, lip volume can decrease with age. Lip fillers based on hyaluronic acid offer the ideal solution for this. If no volume, but pure hydration of the lips is desired, a Lip Hydration treatment could be a solution.

Lip fillers have increased in popularity in recent years. And that's actually not surprising. After all, full lips are one of the form features of a particularly youthful and feminine face. The lip fillers is also becoming increasingly normal. Over the years there have been many developments concerning lip fillers. It is therefore possible to fill the lips in an expert and natural way with temporary fillers. fillers based on the body's own hyaluronic acid.

I would like a natural result, is that possible?

At JECT Clinics, we believe a natural result is extremely important. Our doctors will look closely at your natural lips prior to the lip filler treatment. We look at your shape, volume and ratio between the upper lip and lower lip. After deciding on the correct shape and volume for you, the treatment is started.

How long do lip fillers last?

On average, lip fillers last about 9 to 12 months. Of course, the exact effect duration varies by the type of filler, location of treated area and, of course, by person. Are you satisfied with the volume of your lips after your treatment? Then we recommend coming back between 6 and 9 months for a small touch-up. This way the result can be maintained beautifully.

How does a lip filler treatment work?

First, you will discuss your wishes and needs with the cosmetic doctor. Then the anesthetic cream is applied to the lips. This cream needs time to settle in, so in the meantime the doctor will give you information about the lip filler and aftercare. When the lips are completely numb, the doctor will start the treatment. With injections through a thin needle, the filler is injected into the lips. The process of injecting often takes no longer than ten minutes. After that, the doctor will massage the lips and give massaging instructions. Pictures are always taken for your medical records. After this, the treatment is finished and you can enjoy the results!

Wondering if lip fillers are for you?

At JECT Clinics, our certified doctors have broad experience with placing lip fillers. Are you curious about what lip fillers can do for you? Book a free consultation with one of our doctors and get informed. There is the possibility to book lip fillers in The Hague and lip fillers in Amsterdam.

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