Tear trough fillers

Suffering from a tired look? Or a pronounced hollowness under the eyes? Treatment with tear trough fillers can provide an ideal and effective solution!

Tear trough fillers are used to fill up the hollowness under the eyes. A deep tear trough can give a tired look, even though you are not tired at all. The tear trough filler is a very thin filler that spreads nicely into the area under the eyes. Because it fills up the hollowness, often reducing dark discoloration as well, it gives a beautiful fresh and open look.

The effects of the tear trough filler treatment can often be enjoyed for a long time. The effect remains for 12 to 18 months on average. Towards the end of this period, the filler is gradually broken down by your own body. Once the filler is completely broken down, the treatment can be repeated again.

Before having a tear trough filler performed, a good indication is very important. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for this treatment. Matter of course, our doctors will advise you well in this regard.

When is a tear trough filler treatment appropriate?

Tear trough fillers are suitable for the following:

  • There is a visible depth under the eyes

  • You are not prone to moisture under the eyes(such as having fluid bags in the morning)

  • You don't have moisture bags or festoons

  • You have a good cheekbone structure

When are tear trough fillers not appropriate?

  • There is no depth under the eyes, just dark discoloration

  • You are sensitive to moisture attraction under the eyes

  • You have moisture bags or festoons

  • You have sunken cheekbones

What filler is used for the tear troughs?

At JECT Clinics we use the Teosyal Redensity 2 filler. This filler is specially designed for the tear trough treatment. The filler is based on hyaluronic acidand almost as liquid as water. Because of this, the filler spreads nicely in the area of the tear trough giving a beautiful fresh look. Furthermore, this filler is unique as it attracts the most minimal amount of fluid as possible. This is important for the area of the tear trough, given its great sensitivity to fluid attraction.

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