Nose correction

Does a bump on the nose bother you, but is surgery still too big of a step? A nose correction using fillers offers an ideal and effective solution.

The nose constitutes one of the most defining features of the face. Dissatisfaction with the shape of the nose can therefore have a major impact on a person's self-confidence and satisfaction with their appearance. Non-surgical rhinoplasty using fillers can provide the solution in this case. With fillers, bumps, dents and asymmetry in the nose can be corrected. Minimal correction of the nose can greatly improve the overall appearance of the face without the need for surgery.

Why rhinoplasty with fillers?

  • Correcting bump on nasal bridge

  • Subtle lifting of the nose tip

  • A big improvement without having to go under the knife

Our treatments

Prior to treatment, the skin of the nose is numbed with anesthetic cream. Once the skin is numb, the doctor will disinfect the skin. Then the treatment is performed. Through multiple injections with a thin needle, the filler will be applied in small amounts to specific areas on the bridge of the nose or nose tip. The process of injecting often takes no more than five minutes. Pictures are always taken for your medical records. After this, the treatment is done and you can enjoy the results!

Wondering if rhinoplasty with fillers is for you?

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