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Would you like to have your lips plumped up while keeping them nice and flat? That's possible with the "Russian volume" technique.

Lip filler treatment creates volume and definition to the lips. To inject the lip fillers there are different techniques.

In the "Russian volume" technique, the filler is inserted into the lips through vertical injections. This causes the lips to increase in height, but remain beautifully flat from the side. It is actually the opposite of a "duck-face" effect.

People tend to think of "Russian volume" as enormous lips. After all, that's how we see it a lot on Instagram. But actually this technique is nothing more than keeping the lips nice and flat by means of vertical injections. It does not necessarily mean that the lips have to become enormous.

Can a "Russian volume" technique also look natural?

At JECT Clinics, we believe a natural result is extremely important. Our doctors will look closely at your current lips prior to lip filler treatment. In doing so, we will look at your shape lips and which technique can best be applied. Even when using the 'Russian volume' technique, by using the right filler and right amount, a beautiful natural result can still be achieved.

Is the "Russian volume" technique suitable for everyone?

The "Russian volume" is not suitable for people with very thin lips. To perform the filler through proper vertical injections, a good base of lip volume is needed. It is then recommended, for example, to first fill the lips using the classic method. Then, in a second session, possibly according to the "Russian volume" technique can be injected.

Wondering if lip fillers are for you?

At JECT Clinics, our doctors have extensive experience with the placement of the "Russian volume" technique. Are you curious about the possibilities for you? Feel free to book a no-obligation consultation with one of our doctors and get informed.

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