Acne therapy

Do you suffer from blemished or acné prone skin? And can't get rid of it? Get a professional skin treatment to cure and calm your skin. A clean and radiant skin is possible for everyone!

Acne is a skin condition affecting the sebaceous glands in the skin. Almost everyone deals with acne at a certain point in their lives. The skin contains a large number of sebaceous glands, which produce sebum (skin lubricant) to keep the skin smooth. The sebaceous glands drain into hair follicles. If the opening of such a hair follicle becomes blocked because of excess sebum protroughion, acne may occur. 

Despite this condition often develops at adolescent age, it also often affects adults. Acne manifests itself in many different ways. Some people only suffer from mild and small pimples, whilst others suffer from extensive and obvious acne. Having acne can greatly affect one's mental status and self-assurance. Therefore, acne therapy can be of great value.

An acne treatment by a skin therapist focuses on cleansing the skin on a deep level. This involves manually removal of all impurities (pimples, "blackheads" or "whiteheads") using a thin and small needle. Next, the goal is to reduce inflammation and prevent scarring. This can be done using additional peeling and microneedling treatments. Often this requires a personal treatment plan involving multiple sessions. Finally, extensive skin care advice is given by our skin therapist. 



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