Skin Rejuvenation

Is your skin starting to show visible signs of aging? Such as fine lines, wrinkles or pigmentation spots? Get your skin professionally treated for visible rejuvenation!

Our skin quality diminishes as we age. Approximately, from the age of 25 years, the skin begins to show signs of aging. Thus, the epidermis and dermis become thinner, the number of blood vessels decreases, and connective tissue (collagen and elastin) decreases. Due to the decrease in collagen and elastin, skin elasticity also decreases. As a result, the skin starts to show wrinkles and lines at the superficial and deep skin levels. In addition to the biological aging process, daily exposure to harmful external influences, including sunlight and air pollution, also accelerates the skin's aging process.

In skin rejuvenation, the focus is on restoring hydration, elasticity and volume to the skin. The options in skin rejuvenation are very extensive. In terms of skin therapy, special peels and microneedling can significantly improve the skin structure. For restoration of elasticity and volume, optimal results are achieved with a combination of skin therapy and injectables (Profhilo, botox and/or dermal fillers). The number of sessions necessary depends on the type of treatment and the condition of your skin. Together with our skin therapist, you will create a personal treatment plan.


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