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Natural beauty through subtle treatments

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Our vision

We look at which cosmetic treatment offers the best and most natural cosmetic improvement for you. For example, we aim to accentuate your natural facial features or, on the contrary, camouflage the features you are less satisfied with.

With expertise and experience, our team gives advice on the right cosmetic treatment and tries to outline a realistic expectation of the result. In this way, you step out the door as the best version of yourself again.

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Quality and safety

Quality and safety are priority at JECT Clinics. We are working to keep the quality of care optimal at all times by regularly checking safety and hygiene. All doctors working at JECT Clinics are BIG-registered, trained and certified in performing cosmetic treatments.

The doctors also have extensive cosmetic and surgical experience. They regularly attend courses and training to keep growing with the best and latest techniques for performing injectable treatments. JECT Clinics works exclusively with high quality A-brand protroughs. These have been tested for years as safe and their effectiveness is very well known.


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